Every hair has a story to tell…                   What’s yours?

Welcome to Hair & Tales, a salon with a twist.
We love people & just for one day, we’re going
to provide an opportunity for people to talk
to each other, share a smile, tell a story — all
whilst getting pampered by a professional
hair stylist. What’s there not to love?

Human interaction is often lost in the city….
Each & every one of us is a rich, unique
tapestry of experience.

To cut a long story short (but don’t worry, not
your hair!) we’re passionate about people &
fascinated to hear tales — and we style your
hair. So why not give it a go? You never know
who you’ll meet, what stories you’ll hear.

Flip the coin & go for Hair & Tales!


Event at Euston Station



Check out the images of our event on 7th April 2017, at Euston Station – London




EMPACITY project

Empathy and connection through urban narratives


EMPACITY is a pop-up hair salon experience at Euston Station courtyard, London. It aims to catalyse social interaction and raise awareness of the current disconnection between people who, while physically sharing public spaces, are essentially ‘alone together’. EMPACITY also explores the question of what should the role of public spaces now be.

The fictitious ‘Hair & Tales’ salon offers weekday travellers waiting on their own a quick hair styling service, to be experienced in pairs. The bespoke design of a mirror that pivots to become a table transforms an individual experience into a shared one, creating a café-like environment that invites visitors to engage in conversation.

Inspired by the hair salon that was housed in Euston Station in the early 20th century, this urban intervention re-imagines the social typology of a salon by opening it up in public. EMPACITY aims to demonstrate how everyday public spaces can offer out-of-the ordinary, convivial experiences.